Fasting days for Weight Loss – Effective for Health

“Lose weight, by all means!” – Say to themselves, many girls who dream to throw a few extra pounds.And, indeed, lose weight: sit on strict diets, exhausting himself to death and heavy exercise. Here are just a joy to them, in most cases, lasts very long: sometimes weight not only comes back, but it also leads him along with three or four extra kilos. But there is one proven, almost one hundred percent postroynet way once and for all – the days of fasting for weight loss.

Fasting days for Weight Loss – Effective for Health

fasting day for weight loss

The effectiveness of days of: Of course, this method is less popular among overweight women, because the results have to wait long. It is understandable – no one wants to lose weight for a year, everyone wants to find a model for the appearance of a few days. But so loved by many strict diet can seriously harm the body, this relentlessly repeat nutritionists around the world. Did you know that the diet in the world – a thousand, but not one of them is not recommended by the Ministry of Health? Unfortunately, very few people it stops: rows starving martyrs, ruining their health, not decrease.

However, scientists have long since proved that any starvation – stress to the body. Well, just imagine: your house was got an evil aunt who strictly controls all of your meals. Sometimes you are lucky and you eat as much as you want. But there comes a “dark days”, when this is not a good woman does not allow you to touch their favorite products, and you have a few days to sit on the yogurt and carrots. Your actions? Have no doubt: you are bound to start delay delicious and nutritious foods in reserve, in case of another strike.

Exactly so does your body. Poor thing, he is scared to death that you again podsyadet on a new diet and he did nothing to eat. But as soon as you discover access to a refrigerator, the body immediately begins the “operation to prevent future famines.” He is intelligent hostess quietly lays the nutrients in the form of fat to keep you die of hunger during the next strike. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that at your sides there are new wrinkles, even though you are sitting properly on terribly heavy diets.

So spare your body, watch out your health. In the end, it is you have one. Consider that just one day a week you follow certain rules and eat only the recommended products. All other six – eat as usual.However, having started fasting days for weight loss, you willy-nilly change their habits and become absorb much less food than before. Because the stomach gets used to the portion sizes and nutrition, he slowly reduced in size. As soon as the weight returns to normal, the number of days of discharge can be reduced to one per month.

One of the most enjoyable moments in the handling of these days is the fact that you will not feel hunger. Depression, anger at the world around and the fear of break and eat to satiety remain with those who choose to lose weight instantly. Instead of these unpleasant sensations alone use: the body recuperates, and the fat melts. Well, do not dream of it? And though you will not get the desired result immediately, but those grams and millimeters, which will go weekly, do not ever come back to you (unless you are not empty at all serious, and do not eat half the supermarket at a time).

How to organize a day of fasting for weight loss

But what if you are one of those people who hold on to and the day of low-calorie foods is not easy?After all, there are many women who firmly decided “day on the vegetables sit” and is closer to the dinner absorbing fries with fat meatballs. If your willpower is a little “lame”, then do not worry – there are several effective methods to help your discharge day will pass easily and quickly.

  • First of all, unload your body on a weekday, not on weekends. What could be worse than sitting all day next to the fridge, downtrodden forbidden goodies? All will be much easier if this day you will be busy affairs and communication with people – so you have virtually no time thinking about food.
  • Be sure to take a good breakfast in your discharge day – even if you do not feel hunger. Of course, there can be only approved products, but in sufficient quantity.
  • Evenly distribute the meals during the day – there should be at least five or six. Remember the golden rule: there are many times better and smaller portions than eat one time, but to satiety.
  • It is not necessary before the handling of the day is too much load, try to go to these days smoothly. Just slightly reduce the amount of calories to the body on the day of discharge has not experienced stress. The same can be said of the “output” of the handling of the day – please do not overeat on happiness, or any benefit from your efforts will be.
  • Try to drink plenty of fluids. It can be a still mineral water or tea – at least two liters.

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