Tips to Eat Right for Your Blood Type

The concept underlying the “eat right for your blood type” diet may make sense for some individuals. Here is a quick review of the diet program.

The Doctor

The “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” is a diet program introduced by Naturopathic doctor and health expert Dr. Peter D’Amo. It is based on the premise that people must take in more of certain foods and less of others based on their blood type. This means that a person with blood type A will be encouraged to follow a diet different from one who has blood type O to maintain optimum health. According to Dr. D’Adamo, following this program can effectively help you lose weight, while not eating as recommended can actually bring detrimental effects to your health.

The Theory of the Diet

D’Adamo believes that substances called eclectics which are found in foods can cause unwanted effects in the body. If the food you eat contains eclectics that are incompatible with your blood type, the eclectics can adversely affect certain tissues and cause disease. He also theorizes that one’s ability to digest foods depend heavily on the blood type.

For instance, Type O’s according to him can efficiently digest meats because of their intrinsically high levels of stomach acid. Type A’s, on the other hand, are believed to have low levels of stomach acid, which makes meats more difficult to digest. His theories are said to have been based on research endeavors he has conducted for more than a decade now on the interrelationships that exists between blood type, food and disease.

Not Proven But Popular

This diet is not yet scientifically proven, and like most diets, reviews on whether it really has health advantages are mixed. However, this diet has gained a good number of followers and it seems to be backed by research efforts.

Tips on How to Get Started

Here are some tips on how to go about this diet, after you get your own doctor’s advice of course. These tips are categorized into the 4 blood types:

For Type O(the “old”) – your digestive system is generally strong so your metabolism will benefit most from poultry, fish and lean meats. Keep intake of breads, legumes and grains to a minimum. You can enjoy vigorous exercise

For Type A(the “agrarian”) – optimum health can be achieved with a vegetarian diet. Eat plenty of soy proteins, organic vegetables and grains. Exercise must be gentle.

For Type B(the “nomadic”) – have naturally tolerant digestive system. Low fat dairy and lean meats are healthy, but lentils, corn and wheat must be avoided. Moderate exercise is suggested.

For Type AB(the “modern”) – you are bound to have sensitive digestive system. Keep away from poultry, pork and chicken, but tofu, seafood and dairy are safe and healthy. Calming exercises are best for ABs.

If you want to follow the revolutionary “eat right for your blood type” diet, first get your own doctor’s advice, and then evaluate your eating habits and lifestyle to see how you can accommodate the tweaks suggested by the program. The diet is said to have worked well for many people; but individual results will always vary for any individual.

Many doctors and experts believe that one important part of eating right for good heart health is to include fish and fish oil supplements in the diet. The problem with fish is that it can contain pollutants due to the water where the fish is caught. The best alternative is to take a pure fish oil capsule that is made from healthy fish caught in the unspoiled clean waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Be a smart shopper and only take the best pure and concentrated fish oil, supplied by a well-trusted company.

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